The Effects Of War And Peace On The Distribution Of Foreign Aid During The Country Of Jamaica

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Introduction In this paper, the author will examine the effects that war and peace have on the distribution of foreign aid in the country of Jamaica. Analyze what actions that Jamaica’s leadership has taken by accepting aid to relieve problems caused by warfare. Lastly, to take a position on whether or not the use of foreign aid has been successful in reducing poverty and war. Why Jamaica? Jamaica is an island that is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, its people are friendly and it has a unique position of being a very young country, and a very robust economy through the sale of sugar cane, coffee, and tourism. Jamaica has two major political parties the Jamaica Labor Party which was led by Edward Phillip Seaga and now currently led by Andrew Holness who is the present Prime Minister and the Peoples’ National Party (PNP) which was led by Micheal Manley and now currently led by Portia Simpson Miller. These two parties contributed both negatively and positively to Jamaica’s situation.

Assess the positive and negative effects that peace and war, respectively have on the distribution of foreign aid in the developing country you have selected. In Jamaica’s existence since 1962, there have been two sides of the discussion regarding peace and war in this country. First, Jamaica has been relatively peaceful due to its political stability, lack of natural resources (i.e. oil), high GDP per capita, and small population size. On the other hand, Jamaica has been a…

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