Essay The Effects Of Violence On The Nfl

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omestic Violence in the NFL Family can be consider one of the most sacred things to have in life. There are people out there who will go to many lengths to protect their family. Family may consist of just your spouse, or it can include children. When people let their defenses down with a significant other for the most part it is believed that that person will be your equal and will be there to take of you and never harm you or your children. Domestic violence is a subject that many people know about but will now speak about it. When a child, women, and even men is being beaten by their significant other or someone they care about is has to be one of the most traumatic things to deal with. Why is it that is the abuser is a regular person, they will have a trial and will have to pay according to the law. Why is it if the abuser is famous and they have money the case gets shrugged under the rug? When dealing with fame the lawyers are topnotch, the laws get bent, and people do not get the same consequences as average people would pay. This is what our children see and they perceive as normal, if your rich you can get away with anything. The NFL is a prime example of this, how many people watch football religiously and feel that the players cannot do any wrong. The NFL is a huge corporation in the United States. The Superbowl its self is huge, people every year have huge parties to celebrate this event. Companies spend so much money on commercials so they can be shown on…

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