Essay The Effects Of Violence On Politics : An Overview

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The Uses of Violence In Politics: An Antiquity

Political conflict might be settled by rational argumentation or by violence. Do any of the political thinkers and actors we have considered believe that rational argumentation is always morally superior to violence? Some of the thinkers and actors studied say that violence is the better choice in particular circumstances. How do these thinkers differ about when violence is morally justified? Defend your view on legitimacy of violence in politics.

Lucius Giannini

Violence has always had its uses in society no matter where you find yourself in the world. However, in this day and age, violence has become less and less accepted as a means to an end for those in power. Political thinkers throughout time have debated on the ethical limits to which a government can go with regards to cruelty, both domestically and internationally. Thinkers like Thomas Hobbes, Niccolo Machiavelli and John Locke all add differing points of view to the ongoing conversation about violence and how it should be utilized. All three believe in the usefulness of political violence at some level, from Hobbes’ constant state of war to Locke’s controlled form of justice through cruelty. My own views align with those of John Locke, who is the only thinker whose ideas have any major place in modern political theory. Even so, it is my belief that violence no longer has a place in modern politics. Of the thinkers that we have covered,…

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