Essay on The Effects Of Violence On Police Brutality

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In the United Sates we have seen in the media and the news the scandals on police brutality towards citizens of color. Police officers are required to maintain order, protect, and serve; but lately we have observed them using violence as their first response. The fact that violence is being use isn’t the only problem the real issue is that officers are attacking minorities. Since the beginning people of color have always had problems when stop by a white officer. Statistically police officers assume that because the person is black or Hispanic they atomically did the crime, no questions asked. This is a big problem in our society because it makes people lose trust and respect towards the officers. Therefore, the citizens are taking matters into their own hands rather than involving the law. Every citizen has rights in this country, but unfortunately they tend to be violated often; laws are unfair to people of color. It is the never-ending story for America 's minorities the unnecessary traffic stops, police harassment, police misconduct, police brutality and, invariably, the suspicious death at the hands of law enforcement. It is a burden that nearly every black, Latino and Asian-American inherits at birth, yet much of America seems to dismiss (St. Louis Post, 1999).
According to Patrisia Gonzalez and Roberto Rodriguez (1997), Police brutality, or the unnecessary use of force by law enforcement officers, has long been America 's dirty war against its own people. So much that…

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