Essay on The Effects Of Video Gaming On Children 's Health

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Gamification Effects on Children’s Health In this day and age, technology facilitates everything we do. Think about navigating across the country a few decades ago. Could you picture that? Some of us do, but nowadays a simple map application on your smartphone makes it a lot easier and fun too—what appeared like a cumbersome task years ago, now it is as easy as playing a game. Well, technology has moved into our classrooms too and it is there to stay. Gershenfeld (2014) describes gamification as “applying the principles of game design to solve real-world challenges” (p. 55). There is no doubt that applying technology and the principles of video gaming for educational purposes could have a positive impact in the classroom. For example, Hoffmann (2014) describes the computer as “a modern means of teaching, offers many educational opportunities and working with it far exceeds standards of assistance received by traditional methods” (p. 16). However, I believe that the short-term benefit of this educational strategy is outweighed by the adverse effects on children’s health, which could lead to a lifetime of personal problems. The use of gaming for educational purposes will lead to health problems because it will increase the children’s screen time, induce a sedentary lifestyle, and contribute to video game addiction. One of the main concerns is the amount of screen time that our youth is exposed to. This exposure includes the time spent on tablets, smartphones, computers,…

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