Essay about The Effects Of Video Games On Young Children

1557 Words Apr 30th, 2016 null Page
Ever went to play Call of Duty, and the moment after joining the online server the sound of obscene jokes about mothers and limbs exploding coming from a seven year old filled the room? Should children be allowed to be exposed to that part of the media? Not all video games are meant for young eyes and minds to see and process, with the updated graphics used today where games are beginning to look too realistic for young eyes. Video games are one of the main source of media consumption among young children in America today. With several genres and platforms available, it is easy to smoothly ease gaming into the everyday events of children at any age. Although numerous amounts of research conclusively found video games to improve immediate reflexes, motor skills, and the ability to multitask. Violent video games are found to have a lasting negative effect on adolescents. The growing market and interest of violent video games opens up various ways for adolescents to get ahold of these games, and new, more effective ways to prevent this from occurring must be put in act. Violent video games particularly in the modern digital age have become profoundly realistic given that adolescents are unable to tell the difference between reality and fantasy, ultimately causing a negative effect on adolescents mentally and in academically.
The term violence can be defined in several ways in the current media driven world. Blogger Carly Kocurek defines violence as “causing deliberate physical…

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