The Effects Of Video Games On The World Essays

1887 Words May 8th, 2015 8 Pages
The rise of technology has been a great resource for the growing world, from radio, to Television, to cars. Although sometimes these are not the most groundbreaking of them all. From 1958 to present day, video games have ruled the technology industry. People are willing to pay forth thousands of dollars for just a couple hours of pleasure. Video games have affected everyone worldwide, from families, to companies, to even schools and younger children. They affect these people by the way they act towards others and how they communicate with others. Although video games are fairly new when it comes to technology, there still is plenty of history behind them. The first video game to ever be created was Tennis for Two. This video game was created by a man known as William Higinbothan. William was a physicist that worked for the Brookhaven National Laboratory. He created this video game to entertain visitors that came to Brookhaven. He created this video game from a small analog computer, he even included instructions on how to set up the game on an analog computer and how to play. The game was very simple, there was a line in the middle to represent the net, a long line on the bottom to represent the floor, and a small dot to represent the ball. The purpose of the game; to hit the ball over the net and not let your opponent hit the ball back. Although William did not patent this product, he still paved the way for one of the fastest growing technology in the world. After…

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