Essay about The Effects Of Video Games On Teaching And Learning

883 Words Jul 19th, 2015 4 Pages
Games in the Classroom In video games, individuals are inspired and motivate to stick with a problem until it is finally accomplished. But in the real world, when obstacles are present some may feel overwhelmed and overcome by the problem. Video games actually inspire individuals to collaborate and cooperate to produce the best version of that individual to accomplish the goal at hand.
In my essay I will first evaluate the potential influences gamification can have on teaching and learning. Second discuss the science behind learner motivation and its connection with gamification. Third analyze how gamifying supports differentiated ways to teach and learn. Finally discuss how specific technologies and gamification are being used to enhance teaching, learning and to motivate learners.
Gamification Influences One influence that gamification can have on teaching and learning is to produce urgent optimism in students. Urgent optimism is classified as the desire to act immediately to tackle a problem and combine a belief that the problem can be accomplished successfully (TED, 2010). When teachers create engaging fun games that are based on meaningful real world problems, they have the ability to tap into a student’s passion to produce urgent optimism to get the problem solved. Games influence students to become engaged and push beyond their limits of learning. When teachers use gaming effectively in the classroom they help reinvent the classroom and learning experience, which…

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