The Effects Of Video Games On Society Essay

1369 Words Dec 11th, 2015 6 Pages
As technology has advanced and become a more prominent part of people’s lives, the influence of the media on individual’s interactions has also increased. From magazines, advertisements, and the news to TV shows, movies, and video games, the media provides a lens in which to view the world. In the last century, video games have, in particular, risen in popularity as a form of entertainment and as a hobby. While this pastime seems harmless, studies have shown that extended usage of these forms of media can affect perceptions of reality and the individuals that inhabit it. Although the main focus on video games typically involves the impact of violence, there has been an increase in research on the affect that these games have on the perception of women. In regards to women’s portrayal within the games and in the industry itself, sexist beliefs are created and perpetuated. These beliefs are defined as “[prejudiced] against people based on their biological sex” (Wade and Ferree 2015:118). Because of the influence the media can have on individuals’ perceptions, the research question I posed was whether or not sexism, particularly against women, was prevalent in the gaming industry. Throughout this research, theories such as social learning theory, cultivation theory, benevolent and hostile sexism, gender schema theory, ambivalent sexism, hegemonic masculinity, hierarchy of men, and evolutionary theory are provided as evidence to support my research question. In the gaming…

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