Essay on The Effects Of Video Games On People

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On every Saturday evening after lunch, my family and I would gather in our lounge and have some quality time together given that we all had a hectic week. But nowadays there is always one person missing, my brother. I walk upstairs to sneak on him and catch him with the joystick in his hands, head leaned towards the screen with his eyes wide open. His video games are his family, not us. He doesn 't talk much these days, doesn 't concentrate on his studies. Video games have changed people 's lives. There are several effects of video games on people, both good and bad. Some of the negative effects can be problems in health, and wasting too much time. However there are many positive effects like Instant reflexes, the ability to earn money, and more. All the negative effects combined make a person unsuccessful in life. But if the positive effects were enhanced, a person can be successful in life.
One of the very well-known negative effects of video games is health issues. The days to go outside in the fresh air and ride bikes together are far gone, after video games came into our lives. Back in the day, my brother and I would beg our parents to get outside the house so we could play sports or even childish games. Now when I look at my brother all he wants to do is glue himself to his gaming chair and play games all weekend. He doesn 't exercise or play sports or even just move around the house. Statistics from "8factapp" show that people who sit all day and sleep more are more…

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