Essay on The Effects Of Video Games On Children 's Behavior

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Video games have been around for quite some time, yet they get a bad rep all of the time. Most consider games to be nothing but violent, negative influences on the player, or more specifically, children. While there may be a few possible negative effects of games, there are also many beneficial ones. Studies have shown that there is not a direct correlation between games and children 's behavior, yet it 's still argues that there is a direct link. Even when a new study shows that videogames have a new negative impact, another study shows a more beneficial one, and vice versa. As one may see, this constant cancellation of studies can prove difficult to find conclusive data. Video games are not all negative, but a combination of both positive and negative effects.
Even though video games have been around for decades, there has almost always been a “negative stigma against gaming” (Shapiro np). Video games have always gotten a bad reputation throughout their history, yet people continue to play them. And because of all of the negativity surrounding these games, many studies have been done to solidify these claims. But even with all of these tests, it is still “difficult to say if video games in general are good or bad” (Dai np). With this being said, the pros and cons are easy to identify, but there is no conclusive evidence for negative effects dominating the minds of players.
While the effects on gamers are usually inconclusive, there are some possible effects such as…

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