Essay on The Effects Of Video Games On Children

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I’m going to try and convince you that videogames have many benefits. Video Games can teach a variety of things such as social, math ,science, logic, and strategy skills. There are also the benefits that it has with helping children, Alzheimer 's, and depression. Video games put people through things such as making important decisions in a split second and it has no real life repercussions against the person making the decision. So this allows for failure to not be harmful and teaches them to try until they succeed. It allows creativity to take place and let people think of different ways to do things. This also allows for many people to learn from right and wrong. Lots of these games show you that if you make a bad decision there are repercussions because of that decision. It will also change the surrounding environment based upon your good and bad choices.
There are many games based for younger children in which it helps them learn skills such as reading,math, and science. One of these games are Leapfrog. It was founded in 1994 to help children learn and read. Schools have been using them in elementaries across the country to help children ever since the 1990s.

Video games also help men,women,and children them live more normal lives then they are sometimes capable do to their illness or disability. These games help them learn everyday tasks more easily. They also help them battle against depression which is a huge problem with people with disabilities,and helps these…

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