The Effects Of Video Games On Children Essay

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Advanced questions
This was a second section of the Questionnaire, tailored specifically towards people who do play video games. People who don’t wouldn’t be able to properly answer these questions and as a result wouldn’t be able to provide good answers and as a result would damage my entire questionnaire.
How often Video Games are bought
My first question was created to help me gauge how often the average customer actually purchases a video game. This greatly varies based on multiple different factors. For example, the obvious ones would be location and age. If the customer comes from a poorer background, they might not have the money to spend on a lot of videogames. Likewise, a 10 Year old might not have the pocket money to buy more than one or two games a year. However another factor is involved. The time of year, and release schedule is a big one. During the year, games are less likely to be bought just after Christmas and in the summer period while everyone is outside and on holiday. If we look at the biggest and best selling game releases from the Year 2011, you can see that between January and June, the following games launched:
- January - Little Big Planet 2 (PlayStation 3): Sold 400,000 copies and was one of the most popular games available on the PlayStation 3 in 2011.
- January – Mass Effect 2 (PlayStation 3): While it sold 2.5 million copies earlier on for the Xbox 360, the PS3 version pushed it to 7 million.
- February – Killzone 3 (PlayStation 3): Made a…

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