The Effects Of Video Games On Children

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Video games, this is a type of media that has become very popular in society today. Just like any other media source, video games have gotten a lot of hate from parents, media, and many other places for showing violent images and graphic material that is not suitable for kids and even some adults. However, video games alone cannot be the only thing that people should blame for causing harm to kids. So many other factors play a role for causing potential harm with the media today and some parents just do not seem to realize this. The cartoon “Education” by Petar Primestrovic, shows its viewers just how parents can be overlooking the what else can cause harm to their children.
Petar Primestrovic’s cartoon shows a young boy watching TV and surfing
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Many studies and reports have been taken in the matter of how video games effect kids. A report has shown that when a large group of kids played a violent game some of them became a little aggressive but not all of them (Zheng & Zhang 3). Some people argue that when children play violent video games they may think “Maybe I should try this in real life.” This idea alone is not a good enough reason to target video games especially when the same can be said about other media sources. Many violent acts appear on movies, TV shows, and even cartoons. So, when kids see their favorite character committing a violent or dangerous act why would they not think the same …show more content…
It is true that the wrong video game can potentially harm children. But there are simple ways to keep violent games out of children’s hands, and parents need to realize that their kids could easily access other sources of media that show content just as inappropriate. Children need to be taught the dangers of not just video games but also media in general. Ultimately it is the parent’s responsibility to make sure that their children are not viewing inappropriate material from all types of media, not just video

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