The Effects Of Video Games On Children Essay

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There is a lot of controversy surrounding violence and videogames. Many argue it helps society, while many others argue its ruining society with the content of the games, which seems a bit one sided with all of the negative things people can “blame” video games on. Most do not see that they can be helpful to humankind if carefully regulated or watched.
Do you feel there is so much evil in the world? wonder why some things happen and to good innocent people? video games have brought up such discussions such as school shootings and suicides. Scientists have run tests, done experiments, and conducted extensive research and notes. Those that argue that it helps say that it provides an outlet for young children and adolescent teens with aggression, depression, and other issues as well as also helping develop a persons hand-eye coordination. They also argue that because people are playing these games it keeps bad activity off the streets, saying it dropped the rate of crime. Those that disagree say that video games cause aggressive behavior and can even give cause to go through with shooting in their lives, that these games content makes these people anti-social or reclusive, and even suicidal. (with both arguments showing studies, notes, and data to support their theories.)

Death follows us all, no matter who you are or where. Whether it be by nature or by a planned act, it is quite saddening and unexpected for the most part. In the sake of others do you value life? Yet there’s…

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