Essay on The Effects Of Video Games On Children

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Many parents have developed an opinion about how the modern day youth playing video games affect them during their lifetime but are parents stint of knowledge holding their children captive from enhancing certain skills that other children may have the opportunity to? The millennial generation has become so accustomed to having electronic devices in the palm of their hands. According to Daphne Bavelier, “Action game players make the correct decisions per unit time. If you are a surgeon or you are in the middle of a battlefield, that can make all the difference.”, this statement suggests gaming aids in the development of certain skills. According to Chai Woodham” … in Pediatrics of nearly 5,000 girls and boys ages 10 to 15 revealed that children who played video games for less than an hour a day were better adjusted than children who either played no video games or played for three or more hours a day.”, this displays that gaming can assist development in numerous ways. What a great deal of parents are unaware of about the gaming industry’s effect on their children may amaze them. There are many studies showing the emotional advancements that playing video games has to offer. According to Isabella Granic, in The Benefits of Playing Video Games, “Whereas adolescents and adults often use self-disclosure and direct discussion with friends to resolve emotional issues, children use play to work them out through pretend-based narratives enacted either alone or with others.”.…

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