The Effects Of Video Games On Children 's Development Essay

1075 Words Oct 23rd, 2015 5 Pages
For parents, their children’s development years from infancy to eight years old are important, as it is when their children are most impressionable and learn life skills such as to talking, walking, reading, writing, and, as of the last few decades, picking up a video game controller. Today, more children than ever are playing video games, but an important question for parents to consider is whether they should let their children play video games at or under the age or eight years old. The answer to said questions is that parents should not let their kids play video games at eight year old or younger, as video games can influence children’s behaviour and thinking in a negative way, cause parents to spend hundreds on video games, and cause children to neglect parts of their lives in order to play video games. One of the most popular types of video games, violent video games, can significantly influence the behaviour and thinking of young children in a negative way. Violent video game series such as Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto glorify and encourage behaviour and actions that are unacceptable in regular society. The killing of people, the misuse of drugs and substances, crime, disobedience to authority, employment of racial and gender stereotypes, and use of inappropriate language, which are emphasized as normal in the aforementioned game series, present an unacceptable model of behaviour and images for children to follow (n.a. “Children and Video Games: Playing…

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