The Effects Of Video Games On Children 's Development Essay

707 Words Oct 7th, 2015 3 Pages
Many people have speculated the cause behind school shootings is mainly violent video games. No one ever thinks about other causes. The real problem may be much deeper than that. There are several ingredients that go into the cocktail of violence ,that is so prevalent in our society. When tragedy hits and horrific happenings occur, we scramble for a quick answer and a quick fix. The senseless tragedies that happen are unnecessary. It proves that catastrophes can strike anywhere and anytime. Our sense of security is shaken to its very core. At first glance, we search for obvious answers. Violence in video games, plays into the scenario that school shooters voice as one of the causes. But studies have shown that video games may play a positive role in children 's development. Children gain essential skills. Hand eye coordination and strategic thinking are skills they might acquire. Some master more game skills than others. It is undeniable that boys play video games more often than girls. But new research has clarified that it cannot be said that violent video games stir hostile urges or destructive behaviors. Youngsters who have developed gaming habits may have an incident of slightly increased, threatening behavior during game play that is only for a brief time. The games these whippersnappers plays are normally realistic and life like. They obtain a full submersion in the fantasy and may lose touch with reality temporarily. Some youth may not understand how to separate…

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