Essay about The Effects Of Video Games On Children

1548 Words Nov 15th, 2016 7 Pages
With an increasing amount of technology and media dependency, there is more research being done as to how it affects children. Children from ages 8-18 watch tv, play video games, and are social media for an average of 7 hours and 38 minutes (Rubin 2010). In much of adolescent development, aggression and violence is attributed to the desensitization through video games. However, in more recent arguments, there has been a large bias exposed in more recent studies in the support of violence leading to video games. In their findings, targeting variables that other researches evaded, they found very little evidence to support the exaggerated finding that other scientist have conducted. In this paper, I will argue how there is no substantial evidence that leads psychologist to believe that there is a significant increase in violence with teenagers who play video games. C.J. Ferguson (2015) at Stetson University, used data from the Meta-Analytical Results for Video Game Exposure on Outcome Variables for All Studies With Controlled Effect Sizes and bivariate Effect Sizes to test their hypothesis that video games do not alter significant change in the mental health of adolescents. One of the main issues that Ferguson came into contact with is that there was no definition of “violence”, instead simply a general understanding of the concept (Ferguson 2015). For the purpose of this essay, the universal term of violent video game as the American Psychology Association asserts: "the…

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