Essay on The Effects Of Vaccinations On Children And Children

726 Words Nov 29th, 2015 3 Pages
As we know, no matter what the topic not everyone always agrees. Some parents refuse to have their children vaccinated. Many parents hear awful stories about children who have been vaccinated. The parents then automatically assume vaccinations will do nothing but harm their children. Many do not do the research to find that most of this harm hasn’t been proven to be an effect from the vaccinations. They also do not realize how rarely these harmful situations occur. It has been said that when you contract a disease naturally it gives that person a lifelong immunity, unlike vaccinations (College of Physicians of Philadelphia). This may be true, but sometimes when a person contracts the disease naturally it could be deadly, and they could spread it to others around them. According to Gardner, during the prolonged period of immune suppression, both adults and children will be much more likely to develop other infections (Gardner). The prolonged period is a very short time period, and it is unlikely one will get sick within that time frame. If one was to get sick, it would only be considered a small side effect to the vaccination. Many parents are against vaccinations, because they have heard that vaccinations contain harmful ingredients. Many vaccinations do contain some ingredients that people may think sound harmful such as mercury and aluminum. People have to realize all vaccinations, including the ones with these ingredients, have been tested thousands of times to make sure…

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