The Effects Of Urbanization In 19th Century Western Europe

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Concerning the Industrial Revolution there was an increase in population and improved technology which led to rapid urbanization. This large urban growth in 19th century Western Europe was represented by issues such as social division and overcrowding among society, which were accompanied by opportunities such as advancements in science and better urban planning. As Europe veered from the Industrial Revolution to urbanization, we see how this later led to the formation of modern cities in Europe.
While cities were being poorly planned and constructed, citizens belonged to a number of different subclasses, the people of Europe, living in highly overcrowded and tightly compacted cities, became socially divided. As industry grew so did cities,
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There was no real plan for city construction at the time, buildings would just be built where needed as the population grew. Most often, buildings were packed together as tightly as possible to allow for more space for other buildings. This may be due to the fact that many European countries were struggling with the rapidly growing urban population that was taking over much of Europe. Along with the intense overcrowding that occurred during this time period, there was a rapid spread of disease. This rapid spread of disease can be credited to the fact that there was such poor conditions, and the severe overcrowding that would not occur in a rural area. This compact society allowed for the easy spreading of disease because those who were infected would not have to do very much for others to contract it. Many of the diseases that arose during this time were resulting from the …show more content…
Many of the problems that arose during this time were issue that had to do with the arrangement of the city, and these issues were solved with the emergence of the urban planning system. From here, civilizations were able to build on top of this knowledge in a sense and move forward even more than they had during the 19th century. One event that resulted from the changes made during the urbanization period, is today’s age. Today everyone is focused on cleanliness and staying as sanitary as possible. The things that many take for granted today such as the antibacterial wipes that so many use would not be available to them if Joseph Lister would not have gotten to the bottom of how to sterilize

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