Essay about The Effects Of Traditional Media On Modern Media

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Traditional media was forecasted to be obsolete in the near future. However, against all odds, traditional media such as print newspapers and network TVs are still the main revenue drivers for conglomerates such as The New York Times and CBS. Despite all the forecasts and the predictions, these old school mediums still thrive because traditional media models of the past are still relevant and applicable in today’s changing media landscape. Modern media outlets such as Netflix, YouTube, Google, and Facebook are continuously adopting old television characteristics such as curated content, a-la-carte pricing, and premium video. In Michael Wolff’s words, “digital media [is] turning itself into a cable-like business” (Wolff 168).
Aesthetically, the television industry and the general consumers still favor the attractive visual appearance and grand production quality in media consumption. Wolff argues that as digital media becomes too accessible for anyone to be a content creator (i.e. YouTube), its content became the “new wasteland” (Wolff 190). However, juxtaposing between the the “bits and bites and scattershot of digital” and the “grand narratives and comedic talent of television,” we still see Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and House of Cards, shows with impressive production values and grand artistic expression, dominate the central interests and obsession of the viewers. This demonstrates that even in the digital media era, when demand for media consumption is ravenous…

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