Argumentative Essay On Tracking In Education

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Since the late 1990s, a weaker version of the tracking system of education used in Europe has gained popularity in much of the United States. Tracking is how schools separate students based on academic ability and achievement into small groups or classes. This system separates the so-called above average students and places them into more advanced classes. It also places students who perform below-average in less difficult classes. Students are placed in classes only with students who are on the same track they are on. The tracking system of education was originally used in the United States around the same time large numbers of immigrants started moving to America. At this time, students who were in schools were either native students who …show more content…
Many believe labeling students from a young age is harmful because these stereotypes stay with them for the rest of their lives. Students on the lower ability track often do not receive a quality education the way students who are considered high ability do. Also most of the students on the lower ability track are from lower income families and minorities. The main argument for tracking in education is that high ability students should not be slowed down so other students can keep up with them. However, the biggest problem with tracking is the most experienced and qualified teachers are often placed with students on the high ability track and not the students who actually need skilled teachers to succeed. (Loveless) Another major problem with the tracking system is the way students are viewed by their peers and teachers. Students who are placed on the lower ability track are often made fun of and ridiculed for not being as gifted as their peers. Students who are placed on the lower track often have a fixed mindset, believing they cannot achieve what their peers can. The tracking system makes students in the lower track lose confidence in their own abilities. This attitude ultimately affects their overall performance. Sometimes there is too much pressure placed on students who are considered high ability. Students who are tracked into the higher track spend most of their life fighting to be the best. This can motivate people to do great things, but failure is inevitable and can damage someone who is used to being the best at everything they

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