The Effects Of The On The Blood Pressure Essay

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What is teratogens? Not many people know. Teratogens are environmental agents or factors that can cause developmental issues or birth defects to the embryo. Some of these agents are illegal drugs, prescription drugs, viruses, or chemicals. When you are pregnant the job of the placenta is to keep teratogens out of the fetus, although there are some that make it to the fetus. I’m going to hit a few points and a few teratogens and explain them. When I was pregnant, I was on ACE witch are prescription high blood pressure medication. I’m also going to be telling you about nicotine, I which it comes from cigarette’s. I’ll explain the pros and cons and what all these teratogens can do to your unborn embryofetus. First, I’m going to explain to you what high blood pressure is and the medication ACE that is prescribed for high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a condition in which the force of the blood against the artery walls is too high. And there are different types of high blood pressure when you are pregnant. The main type is preeclampsia. When I had high blood pressure I was prescribed to take ACE. The high blood pressure medication ACE you should not take while you are pregnant. This medication can affect the fetus’s kidneys. The kidneys are developing at the beginning of the first trimester. The start during the fourth week of the first trimester and by the 11th week of pregnancy the baby’s kidneys are full developed are will soon start to learn how to…

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