The Effects Of The Land Change Made By Tropical Deforestation And Global Warming

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The purpose of this research according to Moreas et. All (2013) is to study the relative role that the impact of the land change made by tropical deforestation and global warming have on energy balance and climate. Three different experiments are being made during this study, one with deforestation occurring, one with deforestation and two times the carbon dioxide as of now, and the last with deforestation together with concentrations of four main greenhouse gases predicted for the year 2100 (CO2, CH4, N2O, and O3). They are using a statistical-dynamical model (SDM) with detailed parameters of the radiative process being used to model how the world will look in 2100 when deforestation and global warming have an adverse effect upon energy balance and climates. They are using a SDM developed by Varej-Silva in 1998 as a starting point for their experiment. SDM’s are 2D and useful in investigating the role of energy transfer and the processes that can disturb that transfer. The parameters that they chose for the SDM are based on Biosphere-Atmosphere-Transfer Scheme (BATS), a piece of software that allows them to perform this model. The model that they use considers portions of different types of vegetation in the area of land that they are modeling and whether the land they are surveying is covered in land or in snow, ice, or ocean. After they set up all of their models, the SDM is ran in two steps. First, the original SDM that they are basing their research upon is…

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