The Effects Of Temperature On The Concentration Of Water Essay

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The effects of temperature on the CO2 concentration in water containing Elodea
Tarandeep Deol
Zara Suleman, Annabelle Malinowski, Ceiry Bedolido
Biology 1441_Sec 005; Professor

Photosynthesis and respiration are vital functions that are needed for the growth and development of plants. Photosynthesis is the process through which plants make their food by converting light energy into chemical energy. Likewise respiration is the process of burning sugars to provide energy for growth and reproduction of the plants. In this experiment, the effect of temperature on CO2 concentration in water containing Elodea was studied to see whether more photosynthesis than aerobic respiration occurs when a plant is placed under warmer temperatures. Three beakers were taken; while two of them were the experimental groups with an Elodea plant in them one of the beakers was our control group, which had no Elodea plant. All the beakers were placed under a light source and one of the experimental beakers was kept under temperature of forty-eight degree Celsius and the other experimental beaker was kept at room temperature of about thirty degree Celsius.
The results showed that the Elodea plant placed in water with the temperature of about forty-eight degrees did not produce as much CO2 concentration when compared to the water of the Elodea plant that was kept under room temperature. This meant that more photosynthesis than aerobic reaction occurred when the Elodea plant was kept at a higher…

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