The Effects Of Television Violence On Real Life Violence

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The Effects of Television Violence on Real Life Violence Media violence has had many effects on real life violence. Media violence is a contributing factor to the development of aggression. One of the biggest types of media violence is shown on the television. Television violence can have an effect on anyone, no matter the age. Even children are exposed to violence on the tv. Children are always watching and being more aware of what they are seeing, making them more susceptible to the violence they are seeing on TV. If they see it on the television, they may begin to think this behavior is socially acceptable. Children exposed to media violence are predicted to have aggressive behavior into early adulthood. Violence is shown in almost every television series. However, not all television violence is the same. The different types of violence shown is physical violence, sexual violence, emotional violence, cultural violence, and verbal abuse. Violence is a legitimate and even necessary cultural expression. …show more content…
Boys typically prefer violent programs; girls prefer nonviolent ones. Girls are also reported to approve of violence less. They are more frightened by television violence, they respond to it more emotionally, and they watch it in a more involved and less detached way than boys do. Girls are then more likely to not pay as much attention to the violent content as the boys will. When parents have placed restrictions on what their children can watch, the children have found many ways of getting around these restrictions. The psychologist Huesmann and Eron found that the children who watched a lot of television violence when they were eight years old were more likely to be arrested and prosecuted for criminal acts as adults. The violence seen on television cannot be controlled and will always have some amount of an effect of those watching the

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