Essay about The Effects Of Television Violence On Children

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The Effects of TV Violence on Children The topic this review will be investigating is the effect of television violence on children. Therefore, the quest is to indicate whether television violence is detrimental to children, the questions of inquiry are: 1) What is the effect of TV violence on children’s aggression, 2) What is children’s emotional reaction to television violence? In a study by Pinto de Mota Matos, Alves Ferreira, and Haase (2012), the role identification of children with violent television heroes, perceived reality in media violence, and enjoyment of TV violence were examined as mediators of the association between viewing violent television shows and subsequent verbal and physical aggression. Surbeck and Endsley (1979) explored a similar subject to show how children reacted towards violent video episodes. Similarly, Polman, de Castro, and Van Aken (2008) showed how children’s aggressive behavior was compared when playing versus watching violent video games. Lastly, Brocato, Gentile, Lacznaj, Majer, and Ji-Song (2010) explored the impact of commercial television violence on children, Van der Molen and Bushman (2008) examined whether violence in news and fictional television content worries and frightens children. Similarly, Wilson (2008) study sought to show how media exposure affects the social development of children. The common theme(s) that emerge in these studies is that there is a positive association between television violence and children’s…

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