The Effects Of Television Programs On Children Essay

733 Words Nov 12th, 2016 3 Pages
learning game shows, teaching/tutorials, various specials, etc. Of course, these channels should be prohibited from showing anything contrary to the above, or its corresponding commercials. In all probability, we need to seek out producers and writers who will work on material that is inspiring to its viewers, definitely exempt from foul or vulgar language. At the onset, television programs and movies that will instill wholesomeness due to its content, and as a result will benefit the entire family; programs that provide educational learning, training and tutoring in required curriculums such as English and Math. On the other hand, considering students who are constantly in trouble for behavior problems? For instance, perhaps their problems really stem from the fact that academically they cannot keep up with their peers, so they become the class clown and/or disruptive. From the educational perspective, teachers are limited due to time allotment and classroom size, thus unable to be repetitious to the needs of “each” student; realizing that each student learns at a different level. Yet, they must move on with their material for the reason that they have a quota they must reach. Consequently, with designated “learning channels” students could have the opportunity to view areas that they may be struggling with, such as Math, English, etc. Doubtlessly, we learn by repetition, so if they can see it over and over again, as much as needed, perhaps the…

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