Essay about The Effects Of Television Programs On Children 's Behavior

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Moreover, Violent TV programs can effect children’s behavior which may lead children to engage in alcohol abuse, and smoking at early age. In majority of TV shows and movies, smoking can be seen by children a lot of time. In those kinds of scenes smoking has been shown as a fundamental thing in life. This opens a door for children who see those performances to start smoking. In addition, there are a few TV shows, and movies that children are performing in them as main actors. In those types of movies children have to act what directors want. For example; children who participate in movies or TV shows may not smoke in real, but according to scenario, they have to smoke. According to researcher Escobar-Chaves in his report Media and Risky Behaviors ‘’the majority of new smoker are children and adolescents. In 2005, 63 percent of all new smoker were younger then eighteen’’ (Escobar- Chaves 2008).This clarifies that children can be affected by those sort of scene undoubtedly because they cannot distinguish between real, and what they see on screen. This convinces kids that smoking is interesting, and it is spectacular habit. In a research conducted by Pradeep P. Gidwani, it was found that ‘’Television provides adolescents with role models, including movies and television stars and athletes who portray smoking as a personally and socially rewarding behavior’’ (gidwani, et 3/10). This demonstrates that adolescents influenced by media negatively. They will duplicate actor 's…

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