The Effects Of Television On Young Adults Essay

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The Demons of Television
The vast world of television has expanded in ways that it has a hold on every generation’s attention, but the most common is the mind of young adults. Television has begun to take what used to be the world of reading and interaction, to the world of viewing and internet connection. Everything has become virtual, even books themselves can be read on an electronic device. Many television shows today are geared toward young adult viewers, because with broader minds as to how life could go, we love to fanaticize our lives as someone else’s. Television can have side effects on the lives of young adults, in the way of socializing, such as depression. Television is also something that young adults tend to do out of boredom, causing them to instead of use their time wisely, set themselves up for procrastination. To delve deeper into the issues of television on young adults, looking at a television show, as well as the history and development of television itself give insight to the impact as a whole. Television is a tool used to suppress boredom, as well as distance ourselves from reality, but it can also be hurtful to one’s health, causing television to be on the fence as good or bad.
Television is a big part of the American lifestyle, whether it be reality television, or fictional television. Television is something that works, not a lot of people know what makes it tick or work, we just push a power button and the television broadcasts.
Television is…

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