The Effects Of Teenage Pregnancy On The Country Where ' 16 And Pregnant '

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This newspaper article, written by editor and author Susan Perry, primarily focused on how in "areas of the country where '16 and Pregnant ' was most popular, teenage births fell the fastest after the show was launched". Though not as pertinent to the nature of my synthesis paper as other sources I cited, Perry 's piece begins with context relating to the the effects of teenage pregnancy on annual emolument. Perry 's research unearths that the "average earnings of a teenage parent for each of the first fifteen years after their baby is born is just under $6,500". This source will contribute to drawing connections between her research and conclusions made in Diaz 's studies. Perry 's prelude into the principal subject of her article has background information applicable to my confirmation paragraph on how if more teenagers were to exercise some method of birth control, the rate of poverty in the U.S. would drop momentously. This source is an intrinsic endorsement for my position on the topic of my synthesis paper.

This compact bulletin published by the NCSL gives an easy-to-comprehend run-down on how teenage pregnancy negatively affects the rate of teenagers graduation from high levels of education. A definitive reference, the NCSL establishes one salient purpose for birth control 's expanded availability: to increase graduation rates. The bedrock of the source 's information is NCPTP 's intensive research, which is cited in this short, column-style piece. Organized in…

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