The Effects Of Teenage Drinking And Alcoholism Essay examples

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Ever since alcohol was introduced into the general public, almost everyone wanted to get themselves a bottle or pack of their favorite beverage. Teenagers are so exception to this. The connection between adolescents and alcohol is a dangerous and complex one. Teenage drinking can be seen, to teens, as a rite of passage to adulthood. This is shown by studies that indicate that almost all teens receive their first drink of alcohol from their parents. Since drinking underage is seen as something very cool for young people to do, most do not see the harmful long-term effects of teenage drinking and alcoholism. Some of these consequences include chronic alcoholism in later years, higher risk of mental disability, abuse to future family members, and other substance abuse. Most of the time, teenage alcohol use is related to parents and other authority figures around them more than anything else. Other reasons many teens choose to drink are television, books, movies, magazines, and other media sources. Celebrities and other teenagers can also influence teens to go to alcohol.
A main cause of teen drinking, is parents and other adults around them. Growing up can be a very difficult time for most people, and teenagers are the most influential of all age groups. If an adolescent is around drinking fairly often, they 're more likely to want to try alcohol themselves. In a study in a high school of 663 students, “...8 percent of teens who said their parents…

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