Argumentative Essay: More Than One Cause Of Suicide

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Before It’s Too Late
Suicide, a strong word heard much too often these days. I am sure we all know what suicide is, but do we really know why people do it? Even teenagers, they’re so young it doesn’t seem like they could ever have a reason to want to kill themselves. It seems like such a selfish act, doesn’t it? That someone could take their own life just because life got hard, or just because they had a stupid mental illness that obviously could have been fixed. Wrong. There is more than one cause of suicide, in fact, it could be just about anything, school, family, drugs, stress, a mental disorder, the list goes on. Suicide has become one of the leading causes of death in teenagers around the world, and many people still don’t understand why this is happening.
Mental illnesses seem to be becoming much more common in this generation. Although it is very common it is often misunderstood, and sought out to not
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No one, let alone, a teenager with their entire life ahead of them should think that these things are a part of life. A mental illness, should not have to be a part of life; Divorce, should not have to be a part of life, being neglected by a parent, should not be a part of life, and bullying should not have to be a part of life. Many teens experience these challenges in life and sadly they just become too much. Saying that it is just a part of life, makes them feel weak because they should be able to overcome this.
When a teenager commits suicide, there is a reason, it is not selfish, or because they want to hurt those around them, it is because they can’t take what is happening around them any longer. As a teen, there is enough on the plate, we shouldn’t have to ass anymore. There is more than one cause of teenage suicide in the world, it could be just about anything happening around you, sometimes you would never even see it coming. Why haven’t we tried to demolish these

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