The Effects Of Teen Pregnancy On Children Essay

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In 2013, about 273,105 babies were born to teens aging 15-19 years old in the United States.The number may seem high but this is a 10% decrease from the year of 2012 ( We hear about teen pregnancy in the media all the time, but the question is why does it happen? Many people say that the media glorifies teen pregnancy with shows such as MTV’s famous “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom”. Although this may be true, research from the University of Maryland suggests that these shows act as “birth control” to young viewers; promoting the use of contraceptives (Washington Post). So the question still remains, if shows like “Teen Mom” can drop conception rate by 5.7% in the first 18 months ( what could sexual education in public schools do to benefit this cause? Introducing sexual education would benefit way more than just teenage females. This form of education would have long lasting benefits in all aspects of health and wellness.

Increased sexual education brings the fear of increased sexual activity. When a school in the United Kingdom added sex ed into their curriculum they thought what they were doing could be used to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unsafe sex. While their intentions were good, their outcome was not what they had anticipated. Between the years of 2001 and 2002, the county of Cornwall saw a 17 percent rise in teen pregnancies (The Telegraph). Parents biggest fears were brought to life and it seemed that a good thing took a terrible…

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