The Effects Of Technology On Women 's Personal And Relational Well Being

1221 Words Mar 14th, 2016 null Page
In regards to reading the journal titled, “Technoference”: “The interference of technology in couple relationships and implications for women’s personal and relational well-being”. The article’s purpose is simply to determine if the frequency of technoference is the cause of relationship conflicts, this is said, to be due to, interruption of technology devices commonly placed in our lives. Collectively, the researchers of the study concluded that some types of technology use could be a interfere with interactions in daily life. Technoference in this day and age, has become incorporated in many interpersonal relationships. The advancement of technology has been forcefully intertwining with our personal relationships. Let’s look at the use of the internet along with the use of cellphones in this generation. Do you see anyone without an electronic communication device? According to the article, statistically speaking 65% of Americans have access to the internet at home, and 72% of adult have a social network profile, which is known to cause trouble in many interpersonal romantic relationships. Technoference is simply occurring in every type of interpersonal relationships. Technofernece is typically when people allow technology to interrupt their communication. Face-to Face conversations, and a simple “Hello”, while passing a stranger are typical examples of how simple communication with others are constantly interrupted. The constant attention to our, always developing…

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