The Effects Of Technology On The Earth 's Climate Essay example

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People live in an ever changing world. Humans have seen the jump in the use of technology, modern medicine, and education. People are living longer than ever and doing amazing things with the extra time. In this time of advancement humans have also managed to hurt the environment a great deal. Of the past one thousand years, the last one hundred were the warmest (Di Silvestro). What changed? Has the development of technology irreversibly changed the Earth’s climate? What can people do to protect what is left? It is clear that the world society should help to clean up the environment to ensure the future of Earth so that the planet still supports life.
Many people decide not to care. They think that it is not their problem or they decide to not believe that it is happening. Everyone should be concerned. Our planet’s climate is changing. The average global temperature of Earth has risen by a degree and a half since 1750. This amount is large when looking at the world’s average. Some places, like Alaska and Western Canada, have had a temperature increase of seven degrees just in the past sixty years. The temperature of the Antarctic region has had the fastest rate of change in the world. Temperatures have increased four and a half degrees since the 1940’s. Sea ice is melting twenty percent faster than it did twenty years ago (Di Silvestro). This warming climate paves a way for many future problems. The temperature increase results in a greater number of major droughts. It also…

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