The Effects Of Technology On The Classroom Essay

721 Words Dec 13th, 2015 3 Pages
Nowadays, young people love being on technology, whether it’s on the computer, a tablet or a cellphone, no matter where they are at, even if it’s in the classroom. This has become a problem for many teachers and professors in our education system because these young people are on their devices, mainly on their cell phones in classrooms across America.
Why is this a problem? Well to begin with, it is disrespectful to the teacher or professor. Imagine you are a math teacher, teaching a bunch of 11th graders. You are trying to explain how to solve a certain problem then you look at your class only to see all of their head are pointed downwards and you see a little glow on their face, which is coming from their phones. They are not pay attention to you as you are trying to help them learn. How would you feel? Would you not care that they are not listening to you? Would shrug it off and say “too bad?” Of course you wouldn’t! You would most likely feel disrespected, seeing all of your students, paying attention to whatever’s on their phones and not to you, the teacher. Disrespecting knowledgeable people such as professors or teachers is truly unappreciable. Hell, disrespecting anyone is unappreciable and should not be a practice we should be into.
Another reason being on our cellphones during class is that we are paying so much attention to our phones that we might not catch on to what the professor or teacher might be saying. Kids and teenager alike can be easily distracted from…

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