The Effects Of Technology On Children 's Life On Social Media

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Go Outside and Play
“In a 2013 Pew Research study, 91 percent of U.S. adults owned a cell phone” (Macmillan). The use of technology increases as the years go by. “[P]ersonal ownership of multiple devices continues to rise” (Livingstone and Smith). 67 percent of people look on their phone to see if they got any notifications even when they did not feel it buzz or make a sound (Macmillan).
Technology is becoming more and more popular for a larger variety of age groups. It more becoming more common for young children to own a cell phone. Although technology can make completing certain tasks easier, children’s technology use should be limited because spending too much time on technology can cause antisocialism, fatal or near death accidents, sexual exposure, and irritability or depression.
One of the risks of anti-socialism is that there will be less time spent with peers outside of the virtual world. There are people who begin to depend and care about their lives on social media more than they care about their non-virtual lives (Hillstrom). The study by the EU kids recognized that one of the most common risks of technology is being stuck in a virtual dimension (Livingstone and Smith). Being stuck in a virtual dimension is the belief that the things that happen via technology are reality. However, not everything seen on the internet is the truth.
Another example of anti-socialism risks to take into mind is that communication problems may occur. The more time spent talking on…

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