The Effects Of Technology On Children 's Communication Skills

772 Words Mar 2nd, 2015 4 Pages
The first negative effects of technology on children’s communication skills is health status. Technology harmfully effects children in many ways, and it properties physical health problems. First, they do not activate their brain to think of something important, so this issue has to be negatively affect their way of thinking. Dianne (1998) stated that “children nowadays do not talk often, they involved in technology. The technology effects the way of thinking on children brain” (p. 1). Second, technology leads children to obesity. Furthermore, children usually unhealthy because they sit long time on Television eating food without doing any exercises. Victor, Amy, and Donne stein (2009) addressed that “Food marketing may be 1 culprit. Children and teenagers see 4400 –7600 ads per year for junk food and fast food on television alone” (p.761). Third, technology effects children’s vision because Television twitch their eyes to watch for a lengthy time. Additionally, because of the importance of vision, we have to give our children advices to be away from watching Television or to decrease the length of time that they supposed to watch. Nowadays, most of parents have distressed with their children to aid them be away from the internet and gave them the opportunity to live in healthy environment. Children usually do not talk because they do not want to. Finally, technology is the most unsafely object effect children’s health because it has many damage aspects that will let the…

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