Essay The Effects Of Technology On Children Under The Age Of 10

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Anywhere I go and around every corner I look, I see children 's faces glued into their phones. In today’s society, young children have become greatly addicted to electronic devices. Children can stare at a bright screen for hours and hours and not get bored. That being said, is a child staring at a screen for long healthy? The most common answer is no, of course. However, an advantage of technology use in children under the age of 10 are the numerous educational sources that can be accessed, including learning websites, games, and television shows. Conversely, disadvantages of technology use involve a decline in attentiveness, lack of social and communication skills. and a higher chance of developing health problems.
From the many disadvantages of screen time, there is one advantage of a child using an electronic device; education. Unlike the past years, currently, electronic devices are easily used to access educational apps, websites, and shows. Thus, media usage in the modern era helps contribute to the development of children, as long as it is done in moderation. A study done on ninety children, ages 3-7, presented improvement in vocabulary comprehension and literacy with the use of PBS KIDS programs (Mayberry). This study shows that screen time for children benefits them in the long run and helps expand their knowledge base. If electronic devices are used in moderation and used for educational purposes, screen time can enhance education, instead of resulting in negative…

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