The Effects Of Technological Advancements On Mass Media On Politics And Politicians

1925 Words Jun 29th, 2016 null Page
The intent of this report is to analyze the impacts overtime of changes in the media concerning the societal and individual view of politics and politicians. This report also describes significant milestones in mass media that have occurred since 1960 and examines the impact of mass media on how people think politically. This report then considers the effect of technological advancements in mass media and the effect they have had on the results of presidential elections.
The use of mass media has increased over the last fifty years, it is now the primary medium through which supporters of various campaigners share their ideas and views concerning politicians and different political parties. Through social media, behaviors and performance of several activists have brought to light. Many people get to know aspirants of various posts through the social media. These updates can be contained in various published journals, articles, magazines and the internet (Finlayson et al... 2009).
There have been some incredible milestones achieved by in the mass media since 1960. In 1966, there was the development of an act concerning freedom of information which emphasized the rights of citizens and reporters to obtain information from the United States government. The development of this law which was an elaboration the Freedom of Information Act, which led to the freedom of journalists to report on various issues that previously were not allowed before. Such as the Vietnam War, the…

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