The Effects Of Synthetic Fertilizers On The Earth Essay

779 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 4 Pages
There are many things I could do to reduce the environmental impact that using synthetic fertilizers caused the to earth. I can start by buying mostly organic, buy meat that come from animals that are not fed the crops that are grown with the synthetic fertilizers, start shopping at the all natural stores such as Whole Foods. I could also start trying to grow my own vegetables like tomatoes, What I wouldn’t be willing to do is buying only organic because that is to expensive and I do not make enough money to go 100% organic.
In order to reduce the impact that using synthetic fertilizer cause to the plant I would be willing to start buy and eating mostly organic. Organic foods are not treated with the synthetic fertilizer rather organic food is grown naturally using waste manure that comes from the animals. Going organic is smart, but it can also be costly. Organic food is much more expensive than everything else in the stores because it is harder to grow and the crops do not produce as much as crops grown with the synthetic fertilizer. Although, organic crops are more costly and are slightly harder to grow it can still be done:
As organic farmers (who don’t use synthetic fertilizer) prove every day, the sun still shines, plants and their bacterial associates still fix nitrogen, and farm animals still produce vast quantities of nitrogen in their “waste,” so-called. it may take more work, but it’s entirely possible to nourish the soil, and ourselves, without dumping…

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