The Effects Of Suicide In Today's Society

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For some of us, suicide is a distant thought. The thought is so distant, in fact, that it is rarely or never thought about, but for others suicide is an asphyxiating reality. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in young adults. Approximately 30,000 teenagers die from suicide, and approximately 750,000 teenagers attempt suicide each year. Many people may ask what could possibly cause someone to willingly take away his or her beautiful gift of life, and many believe that nothing could be so terrible that it would cause someone to take his or her own life. However, there is a slow and agonizing process to get to the point of contemplating suicide, and there are many factors involved, such as our society, a specific community, the person’s …show more content…
Images of gorgeous women and burley men are pictured all throughout social media and television networks. Skinny or muscular models play in food commercials, diet commercials, clothing commercials, and almost every show on TV today. According to The Journal of Ethics, only a quarter of actors and celebrities are “overweight.” So even kids who should be too young to worry about their weight are concerned about “keeping their figure.” Meeting society’s standards may seem important to some people, but those standards are also nearly impossible to meet. Young people feel that it is necessary that they match or exceed the standards that society has made for them. Unfortunately, the children that can not meet society’s expectations feel subpar and unattractive, and that feeling leaves him or her little to no hope which sometimes turns them to contemplating their …show more content…
D. stated that people with mood disorders are also at more of a risk to commit suicide. Dombeck made the connection that someone’s temperament is determined by how much serotonin (a chemical that regulates moods) their body releases. Children with bad temperaments are more likely to receive negative responses from their parents, teachers, and their peers, and that increases their chances to develop mental disorders, and in return, causes them to commit suicide.
Between the ages of twelve to nineteen the brain undergoes major developmental changes, and that makes an adolescent more fragile than an adult or a child. Nobody wakes up one morning and decides to commit suicide. The word “commit” means for someone to put his or her whole heart and mind to one thing; the word “suicide” means to intentionally kill oneself. So someone who wants to commit suicide commits to taking away his or her own life. Life is a beautiful and meaningful thing for most people, and there would have to be a lot of pain and frustration to get to the point of giving away one’s own life. Some people’s brains are not mentally strong enough to take on everyday life. Some people’s chemical makeup are not set to be able to handle stress correctly, and they are prone to mental illness that can make simple tasks difficult; such as getting out of bed every morning, eating a regular meal, or facing common classmates. Some people may have too many things going on, an unreliable support system, or

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