Essay about The Effects Of Suicide And Its Effects On The Adolescents

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Review of Literature

Suicide is the third leading cause of death amongst teenagers aged 15 to 19 worldwide, as well as the fourth leading cause of death for children aged between 10 and 14. There are many doctors searching for the prevention of suicide, and several conclusions have been made on this topic. The researchers believe that many young people are afraid of reaching out and getting help from specific pills that can aid in their recovery from depression or any other mental illness that causes their consideration of suicide. Either that or it is not offered to them by parents of doctors due to past experiences with medication that have worsened the effects of depression (Kim, 2014). Although the experiences have had a bad effect on the adolescents, clinical studies suggest that doing nothing worsens the effects that mental illness has on a person, and that the medications are 11 times for likely to help an adolescent struggling with mental illness than trigger suicidal thoughts or actions (Kim, 2014). Psychiatrists have stated that some people may become agitated or impulsive when on the medication, thus making the patients more apt to injuring themselves. Additionally, the teenagers who receive both the pills and cognitive-behavioral therapy that focuses on their specific mental illness increase positive thoughts as well as actions. Moreover, the therapy sessions which include parents, friends, or other members of the family show to have an even more improvement.…

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