The Effects Of Substance Abuse On Youth

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Youth claim that accessing prescription drugs, alcohol, and marijuana has become easier over the years. Substance abuse during a youth’s development period may cause pathological behavior or disorders. The National Survey and Drug Abuse and Health reported 6% and 5.4% of youth, ages 12-17; need treatment from alcohol use and illicit drugs. Adolescents who are consuming drugs are more likely to face problems in their health, school, home, and be involved in illegal activity. With the easy assess to drugs, it can damage the younger generation from exceeding in life. Especially during a time like this, some drugs are becoming legal, without any regards of the effect it can have on the youth. As adolescent are more likely to get their hands on …show more content…
(2) “It becomes a barrier to their education, which interrupts their future ability to succeed. Substance abuse can limit an adolescent’s ability to re-assimilate into society, have motivation to make something out them-selves, which can lead them into homelessness. "Because the early onset of substance use is a significant predictor of substance use behavior and disorders in a lifespan, the public health implications of the current findings are far reaching.(3)" Informing the youth of the consequence of substance abuse, and the effects of their health, can determine their …show more content…
It addresses family communication, co-occurring behavior, and problems adolescent has with school. Family inclusion in the treatment can provide support and help reduce attrition for the individual. Behavioral approach is also combined to reinforce abstinence of the drug. Family-based approach was found to be more effective, as loved ones collaborate to help the individual fight the path to recovery. These approaches for adolescents could be helpful, as substance abuse can become harmful to the individual, family, and their future.

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