Essay about The Effects Of Substance Abuse On The Elderly

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As our world ages more problems arise. Whether it is political issues, economic issues, or even crime, it affects all age groups. Most of the issues occurring today are associated with the younger generations. However, there are issues that are being overlooked in the elderly population. Substance abuse in the elderly is one of the fastest growing issues in the United States. The use of alcohol or "misuse" of alochol can place the elderly in many detrimental psychological, physical, and social consequences that may be undetected. There are many reasons for geriatric substance abuse and many ways in which nurses can impact misuse in a positive way.
Substance abuse usually doesn’t occur with the elderly buying and taking drugs off of the streets, such as marijuana, cocaine, or heroin. The elderly population is known for misuse of prescription medications. About 35 million elderly Americans, above age 65, misuse and abuse prescription drugs (Hazelden, 2015). This is a lot of people and it may continue to grow in the next few years in the elderly population. The amount of elderly people abusing prescription drugs is expected to double by 2020 (Hazelden, 2015). This could be a problem because the abuse from these drugs can cause serious health problems and even death. However, this may not be caused by elderly abusing prescription drugs. It all starts with the teaching the person when the medication is prescribed. If the medication is not well understood than the person…

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