The Effects Of Stress On Your Body Essay

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Stress is an ongoing struggle with the human race. Every single person in the entire world has felt stress in some way or another. Although not all stress is bad, negative stress can contribute to the development of health disorders. Sudden stresses makes the human body’s sympathetic nervous system initiate the fight-or-flight response, the heart rate increases, breathing quickens, blood pressure increases, all in which are beneficial in a life and death situation. In a normal case, once the threat has passed your parasympathetic nervous system kicks in and calms your body back down. However, when stress causes your sympathetic nervous system to remain initiated for long periods of time, your parasympathetic nervous system is not able to trigger and calm the body down. Consequently, this can begin to take a toll onto your body. Author Honor Whiteman and the University of Maryland Medical Center have written very informative articles on the effects of stress on your body. In the first article, Stress: its surprising implications for health, written by Honor Whiteman, the author uses facts from research studies and testimonials from health care professionals to support the information provided. I believe that the techniques used by this author are more effective than the article written by the University of Maryland Medical Center due to the use of testimonials and direct quotes from research studies. Every year the APA releases an annual "Stress in America" Survey, which…

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