Essay on The Effects Of Stress On The Human Body

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Stress is a state of mind that takes place when the tension of circumstances accumulate. Researchers have explored how that affects the human body. The question has often, been proposed to why we get stressed. Studies have been done to explore how that affects our body physically, mentally, and emotionally? Since we all will experience stress at some time or another it may be beneficial to our health to understand it more. The human response to stress within the body is displayed through physical, mental and emotional responses. These responses can influence one, positive or negatively. Each response serves a purpose. Physical, mental, and emotional responses assist our human psyche to thrive and flourish. Physical response to stress is often overlooked, but can have profound effects on hormones, chemokines, and cytokines. Research has shown that this physical response to stress can contribute to lowered immune system function. Where it could then be connected to chronic illness with the human body. Studies show this correlation with physical and psychological stress, altering the state of health. International Journal of General Medicine states “It is known that stress of various types (psychological/physical) can alter the physiological levels of certain hormones, chemokines and cytokines.” (Aich,, Potter, Griebel ,2009 pg. 1) According to the research done by, Aich,, Potter, Griebel , (2009) it was observed how it altered the way the information was sent to the…

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