The Effects Of Stress On Student 's Success And Mental And Physical Health

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Stress is a part of almost everybody 's life, whether due to work, relationships, or finances. Unfortunately some may have to endure more stress than others, causing negative effects on the individual. However, a large number of people fail to realize that, students, in general, experience an extensive amount of stress through their high school and college careers. The pressures that are placed on students to excel have increased throughout the years, creating an environment in which students are prone to unnecessary stress. Although stress inevitable, too much stress can lead to all sorts of problems. Stress in students ' lives has been caused by a variety of situations, leading to have a negative affect on student’s success and mental and physical health. Everybody has a different reasons that cause them to stress out but many times students stress is caused by the same recurring event or situation. In 1999, a Student Stress Survey was conducted among 100 college students to help determine the leading cause of stress. The survey considered of 40 possible stressful situations, each situation was classified as either a daily hassles or a major life event. The 40 situations were also classified by interpersonal, intrapersonal, academic, and environmental sources of stress. As a result 81.1% of the identified stress sources were daily hassles as oppose to major life events. Intrapersonal sources of stress were the most frequently reported source of stress, taking up 38% of…

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